Mental Health 101 Workshop is an interactive, educational workshop uniquely designed for individuals in the entertainment industry (executives, producers, musicians, artists, management, record labels staff and associates).  The workshop teaches individuals how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and addictions. It also provides relevant strategies and ways to help someone who is developing or experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis. that presents an overview of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in the United States.


The course also introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds

understanding of their impact, and reviews common treatments. The course offers easy to follow materials for non-clinicians to identify, understand, and provide initial help to individuals in crisis or showing symptoms of a mental illness or substance use disorder.


The Mental Health 101 Workshop can:

  • Enhance the entertainment community level of capacity to identify mental health and substance abuse issues early on;>> Increase awareness of and refer people to resources;

  • Increase the confidence of natural rural helpers to intervene;

  • Broaden the concepts of “workforce” and “first responders” to support the community as a whole;

  • Decrease any negative opinions about individuals living with a mental health or substance use concern;

  • Reinforce that mental health and substance abuse issues can be viewed in a healthy framework.

WHAT WILL workshop COST? 

Costs for the course may vary from site to site, instructor to instructor, but the course can be delivered at a reasonable cost to the trainee. If planned in a budget conscious way, the costs of a room, AV, trainer time, and materials can average around $170 per person (depending on travel cost) for up to 30 attendees. For organizations bringing in an instructor from out of town, travel and lodging costs may also need to be covered. For more information, contact office or complete inquiry form below.